Help us to make Healthy Start better

The Department of Health is looking at ways of improving Healthy Start.

As part of this we are looking for people to take part in a two week research project. 

If you are chosen to take part and complete all the tasks you will receive an incentive of £75 as a thank you for your time. 

This short form will tell you more about the research and ask you some questions to see if you are eligible to take part in the research.

All the information you provide will be kept confidential and will only be used to see if you're eligible to take part in this research. 

If you have any problems with this form or have any questions please call 07899 956395. 

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If you are selected to take part you will be given a prepaid debit card (in addition to your Healthy Start vouchers)

You will need to
* Use the card to buy Healthy Start items for two weeks.
* Tell us about your experience each time you use the card. (Via WhatsApp or text)
* Come to a short interview (30-45 mins) to talk about your experience. This will be in a convenient location in Bristol

We'll explain everything before it starts will be in contact with you throughout so we can help if you get stuck or have any questions as you go.

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Evaulate whether a website is safe or can be trusted

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Please be aware that we have a limited number of spaces so not everyone who applies will be able to take part. 

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Thanks for your time, but because of the answers you've given you aren't eligible to take part in this research.

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